Reef Programme Projects 2014-2015

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In 2014-2015, seven R&D topics and supporting science synthesis and integration activities were funded by the Reef Programme under the Australian Government's National Landcare programme.

These topics represent key information gaps identified through a review of the Reef Plan 2009-2013 Research, Development and Innovation Plan, the 2013 Reef Water Quality Scientific Consensus Statement, the Reef Rescue investment prioritisation multi criteria analysis project, and from outcomes of the 2013 Reef Rescue regional science forums.

The topics were developed jointly by the Department of the Environment and the Department of Agriculture and are listed below.


Undertake market data collection, research and analysis to inform and support the design and delivery of the Reef Trust and its on-ground activities. Lead: Jim Binney, Mainstream Economics

Investigation of the bioavailability in the marine environment of Particulate Nitrogen in sediment run-off from the GBR catchment. Lead: Jon Brodie, TropWATER James Cook University

Review of the latest science and practices for integrating pastoral beef herd management with improved pasture sustainability for better ground cover management and reduced sediment loss to waterways. Lead: Lester Pahl, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Review and analysis of current and potential Crown-of-thorns outbreak management and mitigation strategies. Lead: Eva Plaganyi-lloyd, CSIRO

Review of foundational activities for increasing Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) in sugarcane to ensure N rates are better matched to crop requirements. Lead: Felice Driver, Sugar Research Australia

Review and analysis of stream bank management options to reduce soil erosion losses. Lead: Rebecca Bartley, CSIRO

Review, analysis and integration of gully erosion research outcomes to develop a coordinated framework to assist in prioritisation of investment in gully mapping and on ground gully  remediation. Lead: Scott Wilkinson, CSIRO