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RRRD004 Advanced drip and optimised furrow irrigation to minimise sediment, nutrient and pesticide losses to the environment through deep drainage and runoff from sugarcane and banana industries of wet tropics in northern Queensland
RRRD009 Runoff Nitrogen generation rates from pasture legumes – an enhancement to reef catchment modelling
RRRD010 Factors affecting adoption of land management practices that have water quality benefits in the GBR catchments: Evaluation scenarios for cane farming
RRRD011 Capturing historic small catchment study (paddock scale) data to support quantification of management impacts on water quality on the Great Barrier Reef
RRRD016 Developing integrated assessment metrics for reporting of water quality in the Great Barrier Reef lagoon
RRRD020 Mineralisation of nitrogen within the sugarcane cropping system following legume fallows and its effect on water quality
RRRD024 Quantifying the impacts of rehabilitating degraded lands on soil health, pastures, runoff, erosion, nutrient and sediment movement
RRRD027 Getting ground cover right – thresholds and baselines for a healthier reef
RRRD030 Pollutant load estimation for Great Barrier Reef catchments: Accounting for the uncertainty in monitoring and modelled data using data assimilation techniques
RRRD032 Improving grazing management practices to enhance ground cover and reduce sediment loads
RRRD037 Pesticide dynamics in the Great Barrier Reef catchment and lagoon: management practices in the sugarcane industry
RRRD038 Pesticide dynamics in the Great Barrier Reef catchment and lagoon: management practices (grazing, bananas and grain crops) and risk assessments
RRRD039 Integrated assessment of Best Management Practices cost-effectiveness and decision support for regions and landholders
RRRD049 Minimising off-farm movement of nitrogen in the north Queensland banana industry
RRRD054 Development of a banana modelling capability to enhance reporting of Reef Rescue outcomes
RRRD055 Validating the cost/benefit of improved fertiliser practices and quantifying nutrient loads and pathways from irrigated dairy pastures in the Wet Tropics and the Burnett-Mary regions.
RRRD056 Evaluating and improving A-Class practices to control nutrient losses from sugarcane
RRRD058 A novel biological method of monitoring herbicides