Reef Rescue R&D Regional Science Forums 2013


The Reef and Rainforest Research Centre facilitated the delivery of five Reef Rescue science forums in 2013 designed to:

  1. Provide current information on water quality research in the GBR catchments, to inform the implementation of the Reef Rescue 2 grants and partnerships program.
  2. Provide an opportunity for discussion between regional stakeholders and selected/key researchers on the latest knowledge of water quality issues in the regions.
  3. Identify opportunities for further collaboration between individual researchers and regional stakeholders to meet specific information, science or process needs for delivery of Reef Rescue 2.
  4. Connect the current water quality related R&D with more industry specific research at a regional level.
  5. Inform the development of future R&D priorities to guide the next round of Reef Rescue R&D.

The forums were organised in conjunction with the Regional NRM groups in the Cape York and Wet Tropics regions (combined), Burdekin, Mackay Whitsunday, Fitzroy and Burnett Mary regions. There were 50-70 participants in each region from a range of research institutions, government agencies, industry and regional NRM groups, conservation organisations and land managers. The presentations showcased the latest knowledge about the impacts of degraded water quality on coastal and marine ecosystems, the key sources of pollutants, the relative risk of degraded water quality to GBR ecosystems, and water quality and socio - economic outcomes of improved land management practices in the agricultural industries in the GBR catchments.

For outputs from the Forums please click here.