Reef Rescue R&D Regional Science Forum: Fitzroy


Informing Prioritisation of Reef Rescue 2 Delivery: 16 and 17 September, 2013

To facilitate uptake of Reef Rescue R&D results, five regional forums were resourced through Reef Rescue 2 to bring researchers, managers and research users together to review the research outcomes, and discuss how to progress these outcomes into practical on-ground benefits. Information relevant to the Mackay Whitsunday NRM region was presented in Rockhampton on 16 and 17th September 2013.  The forum was coordinated by the RRRC in collaboration with Fitzroy Basin Association.

The forums will inform prioritisation of Reef Rescue 2 delivery, including guidance for water quality grants and systems repair projects, identification of future R&D needs, and provision of information for Water Quality Improvement Plans. The five regional forums have been well attended, generating robust discussions about how research results can inform on-ground actions and future investment.

The outcomes of all of the forums are combined into a summary report that will be uploaded soon. 

The presentations delivered at the Forum are available below.

If you would like further information on the outputs of the Forum, please contact Jane Waterhouse This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Day 1 - September 16  2013


pdfFitzroy overview 3.72 MB(Piers Harper)

pdfReef Rescue 2 overview444.21 KB (Ami McGrath)

pdfReef Plan/Paddock 2 Reef contextual overview720.51 KB (Claire Anderson)

General Science Presentations

Great Barrier Reef overview (Jon Brodie)

pdfLocal catchment water quality and the FPRH2.43 MB (Nathan Johnston)

pdfLocal marine water quality and ecosystem health7.64 MB (Jon Brodie)

Marine Mammals and Turtles (Daniele Cagnazzi)

Science Presentations - Reef Rescue 2

pdfSediment and nutrient management practices3.38 MB (Scott Wilkinson/Craig Thornton)

Catchment modelling for the Fitzroy (Cameron Dougall)

pdfManaging Grazing lands 2.36 MB(Bruce Cowie)

pdfPesticide usage in the Fitzroy1.61 MB (Craig Thornton)

pdfGetting ground cover right 1.7 MB(Terry Beutel)

pdfThe economics of Improved Management Practices1.27 MB (Megan Star)

Day 2 - September 17 2013

Investment Prioritisation

pdfOverview of water quality risk assessment in the GBR4.75 MB (Jane Waterhouse)

Reef Rescue 2 Investment Prioritisation (Michele Barson)

System Repairs

pdfOverview of Fitzroy region System Repair projects 2.95 MB(Shane Westley)

Great Barrier Reef Coastal Ecosystem Strategy (Jason Vains)